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Utopia: A Corrupt Society

I hear people all the time saying that they wish for a utopian world – a place where all things are wonderful, everyone gets along, and life is just…well, perfect.

What a disgusting place it would be to live in. How boring and useless our world would be.

These same people longing for this magical world, fail to realize that if we finally do achieve the actualization a perfect world, there would be no problems (which, of course, they want). And without any problems to overcome and find solutions for, there would be no advancement in society. The world would almost stand still and stagnation of development would prevail.

I would imagine the result would be the epitome of an age of ignorance, one of extreme benightedness and stupidity.

And then something incredible happens, we’d have another problem on our hands. And it is at that very moment, the notion of the utopia we had finally achieved would be gone. So, in essence, can we really ever have a perfect world? It’s obvious to me that this is a paradox, and something that cannot be achieved, nor should it ever.

What are you’re thoughts? Would you like to live in a utopia? Do you think it’s achievable? Leave a comment below!